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"Thank you, Kimball Carr. What Peter Howitt was trying to accomplish in “Sliding Doors” in 99 minutes, Kimball Carr achieved in “Revolver” in 37 minutes."


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Split Personality

It’s fall, 2014 and the production of my latest film Nobody But Us went very well back in October. A 3 day shoot, perfect weather, talented cast, skilled crew. This is how it should be.

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chichen-itza Mexico

Location, Location…

It’s our second riveting installment of the making of “Nobody But Us”, my latest short film. And, we’re location scouting!!

Yeah, come on – it’s fun! Hunting for half a dozen locations with very specific requirements both visually and for accessibility. Oh, and they need to be within close proximity of each other. Not to mention, like every other independent filmmaker out there, my budget is tight so location fees or other location related costs just add to my overhead.

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Negotiations and Love Songs

Right… so, the first installment of the genesis (and exodus) of the chronicle of the making of the preparation for the execution of the production and shooting of the short film “Nobody But Us”. My aim, in addition to simply noting in excruciating detail so my wife understands why I’ve spent all this money on this project, is to give a glimpse into the making of an ambitious short film.

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Now… For My Next Trick!

The itch started a few months ago… No, not the kind you need some smelly steroid cream for. That sensation that told me it was time for a new project. I’d finished my new home studio in what had formerly been attic and not long after the order for my new Mac Pro had been placed, I realized… ‘It’s time’.

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Democratization… of what?

Alot has been said about filmmaking and the media world which encompasses online, television and theatrical content. In the past few days I have read further references to that world being ‘opened to the masses’ by advances in technology. Some of that is true. Some of it is also bunk.

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podium big

Excerpt : “Left, Right & You” Episode 2 – Political Perpetuity

In July 2012, my production company, Oblivious Flight, released episode one of “Left, Right & You”, my Web docu-series. With episode two in production now and the media campaign begun for the series, offered here is an excerpt from the second installment. In “Political Perpetuity” we will speak with political figures, historians and those working in and around our political universe as we gain insight about how they view our two-party political system. Enjoy the sample below and stay tuned for the release of the episode as soon as production is complete – slated for Fall 2012.

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